October 19, 2014




(at his secret retreat in the Monte Carlo Hilton)

Q: Firstly Sir, let me thank you for taking time off your busy schedule and granting this exclusive interview.
CALIPH: OK. Go ahead. I’m waiting …
Q: Excuse me …?
CALIPH: You asked for permission to thank me… Remember?
Q: Oh yes .. I am very grateful for this unique honor, Sir.
CALIPH: Words. Merely words. Why don’t you Westerner infidels back your words up with action? Demonstrate your freakin’ gratitude!!Caliph
Q: Well, I promise to write a word by word, honest account of our meeting, Sir. How else can I thank you …?
CALIPH: On your freakin’ knees, Peckerwood! Drop your shorts and come to Daddy! Y’know, Big-Daddy! “Bagdadi”, get it?!
Q: Uh! Can’t this wait ‘till later? Can’t we talk first …
CALIPH: Like, “get to know each other first … break the ice … verbal foreplay …”? Ya. There’s no rush … You Westerners procrastinate the inevitable by time-wasting, yip yap cockteasing. OK … I understand. See? I’m so very understanding! Now talk!
Q: Well Sir. We in the West are curious to know what exactly you want. Surely your agenda goes beyond establishing a Caliphate. You could have done so in some piddly little village with majority rule. What’s with this expansionist policy seizing military bases, sophisticated weaponry, summary execution of captives …. What gives, eh?
CALIPH: I’ll sum it up in two words: Affirmative Action – Equal Opportunity.
Q: Those are four words!
CALIPH: Not when I say they aren’t! Listen, Limpdick! We are simple law abiding people here who just happen to be a “minority group” as defined by Law – YOUR LAW! Affirmative action is intended to promote the opportunities of minority groups within a society … to give them equal access to that of the majority population. Are you with me so far?National Executions Academy_2
Q: Yea … but I’m trying to figure out where this is headed. “Law abiding”? How do you figure that?
CALIPH: We’ve always idolized the Rule of Law that America symbolizes. If you make an objective assessment of the US’s Rule of Law in action within their sovereign border as well as overseas, you will realize a striking similarity between our responses when dealing with dissent. You could say we’re moving closer to the US model of dealing with shit-stirrers, and certainly making a good faith effort to emulate US Policy.
Q: I really don’t see how …. Do you have a Constitution?
CALIPH: You’re talking to him, Morning-Breath! Besides, unlike republics, democracies are fragile; they’re designed to fail – and give way to dictatorship! But that’s beyond your comprehension so I’ll keep it simple … Let me illustrate the similarity between your President Obumba and an aspiring visionary such as I. My domain is the Caliphate; yours is a Police State. O’Bumbo is a caliph in his own right with broad executive powers over his people. But he did it by guile, smooth talk, bullshitting, inspiring fear of a purported external threat to the country, and butt kissing the naïve electorate. Man … What a limp-wristed woosie!! Me? I did the macho thing: I just seized it! And there ain’t no pussy-faced moddafokka gonna to take it away either! But I gotta hand it to that O’Beamer dude: He’s a smoothie … He could sell sand to a Bedouin and make a profit. Look what he did to that fella in Saudi … the silver-tongued devil … must have pummeled those callipygian cuties in Yale right into a Delta Kappa Epsilon coma … Sorry. Just thinking out loud… Now, where was I …?
Q: I think you were expressing regrets not having opportunity to pummel those callipygian cuties at Yale into a Delta Kappa Epsilon coma …?
CALIPH: Ya well, our indigenous variety are a hellofalot better stacked; b’sides, over here, you don’t lose your motor home if she decides to bring out her “inner bitch” …
Q: But, what about your tent?
CALIPH: They can have mine. .. Got it from K-Mart. It’s old, raggedy, made in China; cost me forty bucks on Closeout!.
Q: You were talking about Equal Opportunity before we got sidetracked. How is that relevant to your mission?
CALIPH: What a dumbass question! You numbskulls need to go out more, meet people, do some reading, watch the freaking news every now and then … Don’t you see what’s going on around the world? Which version of Truth do you report? You don’t happen to work for PRAVDA, do you?
Q: Fox News.
CALIPH: Same thing! Government vehicles of propaganda. Anyway, this is our position: What gives the US government authority to stifle dissent, albeit, through “legislation”, among its own people a la Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany? What gives the US government right to invade other countries? What gives the US government right to massacre thousands through wars outside its borders? What gives the US government right to displace lawful governments and appoint its puppet regime instead? What gives the US government right to steal strategic resources from other countries?


But these atrocities are “legitimized” through effective propaganda and a conspiring media. And, of course, a thumb-sucking, gullible populace. Like I said, we’re a private, non-interfering, law abiding group. Did we interfere in the massacre of Native Americans or the millions during World War I and II? Did we interfere in the US invasion of Vietnam and the slaughter of thousands by US troops? Did we not emulate the US by remaining silent spectators to Nazi abominations against Jews and their European neighbors, or the more recent eugenics in Croatia/Serbia? Closer to home, did we offer any resistance to the recent US inspired overthrow of the Libyan or Egyptian governments? Or the US supported victimization of our Palestinian brethren? Did we interfere in the US invasion of Afghanistan and Iraq….. etc., etc. Well, to be fair, maybe some of our fighters did, but not this, my State, per se. We didn’t even exist back then … no’wumsayin?

Our position is THE US DOES NOT HAVE EXCLUSIVE RIGHT TO PROVOKE WARS AND KILL!! We just wanna join in the fun – and the world can grab a ringside seat and see that we are ahellofalot better than the Westerner infidels in killing our people. And we do it with BALLS: face to masked face (a la Zorro), mano a mano, not like those dickless cowards in the sky  ….. May the fleas from a hundred camels party in their groin …
Q: Makes sense … kind of …. But what’s puzzling is your wars are against your Moslem neighbors and both sides yell, “Allah Ho Akbar” (Allah Is Great). So, whose side is Allah on?
CALIPH: Obviously, on the side of the victors.
Q: What would happen if you lost these wars?
CALIPH: You’ll be dealing with an endlessly metastasizing and metamorphosing spiritually and morally conservative communities such as ours. We’ll just surface under a different name, carry a different banner, and join you cussing out this, my State; our mission, however, will remain pretty much the same … One God_One Lawnowhumsayin?
Q: But the word is, your fighters are taking a horrendous kicking on several fronts …
CALIPH: Victory for Allah is our final goal, and the road to victory is paved with the blood of martyrs and of those who get in our way – also camel dung, to be quite honest … Loads of camel poop, you won’t believe! Don’t go for the crap they dish out on National Geographic or the Discovery Channel. They paint the desert with romanticism, as an “endless sea of pristine sedimentation, unadulterated through countless generations of self purifying wind …wah …wah … wah …” . What a load of bull hoinkery! Hah! Believe you me, there’s nothing “purifying” when camels break wind; and nothing “pristine” about camel dung. This desert has generations upon generation of camel shit circulating with sand in the air we breathe. Some swear it adds a certain Bedouin flavor to our cooking … Now, where was I? Oh yes … the road to Vegas lined with bloody camel poop …? Damn … I plain forgot!
Q: Moving on, Sir: In Islam, isn’t it a mortal sin to kill “Believers”; and don’t Christians and Jews also worship the same Creator – but call Him by a different name? More importantly, what began as a sectarian Sunni versus Shia conflict, how do you justify the killing of your fellow Sunni brethren who are rightfully defending their homes, families, sovereign identity? Doesn’t the Quran prohibit forced conversions and abhor slavery? Didn’t Prophet Mohammad decree the Rules of War and banned the persecution of women, children, old folk, and those who do not fight against you?
CALIPH: Hey! Will ya freakin’ quit with the trick questions! OK?! Look! I don’t have the time or patience to explain Islamic Theology to you and be trapped in a discussion that’ll have Jehovah’s Witnesses knocking on my door every Sunday morning.
Q: But I’m Mormon.
CALIPH: Even worse …! Suffice it to say, there is no god but God. Islam has been, is, and will be the religion of God since Adam, Noah, Abraham, Ishmael, Isaac, Jacob, Job, Jonah, Aaron, Solomon, David, Moses, Jesus, and, the final Seal of all Prophets, Mohammad, (Peace Be Upon All Prophets). One God – One Law! Through time, His Laws as embodied in the Holy Zabur, the Holy Torah, and the Holy Injeel (Bible), were gradually perfected and enshrined in the Holy Qur’an. Yes! Every Prophet’s followers are Believers, but every Prophet foretold the coming of the next to follow, who would convey God’s Will to change or amend His laws. ‘Esa (Jesus) foretold the coming of the Last Prophet Mohammed (Peace Be Upon Them All) who delivered the final Code of Conduct – The Shariat – that Allah expects of all mankind. A “believer” whose conduct is tangential to the Shariat is no Believer, but an apostate, an infidel; more so, the pseudo-“believer” who conspires and forms alliances with those who raise the sword against Allah and His Holy Prophets! These are the enemies of Allah – therefore, our enemies! And Victory as foretold, when it is won, will not be ours, but Allah’s. So, you see, just like Georgie Sr. and Jr., the Rockmefellas, the Wrathchilds, and their cronies, we’re also hep on A New World Order – OURS!!
Q: You haven’t explained forced conversions, the killing of women and kids, etc. When will the killing stop. Do you see any end to this conflict?
CALIPH: I can’t handle more than one trick question at a time, Pilgrim! Alright? About the killings, I’m nowhere even close to the Guinness Record what with stalwarts like Genghis Khan, Montezuma, Pope Innocent III and his Inquisition buddies, King Dick and the Crusades (sounds like a R&R band, eh?), Stalin, Hitler, Mao Zedung, the Bush legacy, Ben Nutsanyahoo; not to forget the legendary Cecil B. DeMille (Didn’t ya ever watch his movies? Man …! That mowfow killed a zillion in just a few hours … Now, that’s far freakin’ out, Dude …)!. So, why make such a big deal about me? I’m the little guy, remember – just starting off? Like I said, we’re just emulating US foreign policy. When they stop killing and provoking people to kill. We will follow suit – Honest! Cross my Beheadheart!
Q: But we fear, by that time, you just might take over the Middle East, Europe, and America …
CALIPH: Yea. I saw that movie, too …. Well, if that’s the only way to stop the madness and restore peace, so be it! Heck … I could even be in for the Nobel Prize or an Oscar!! You could view this as “A War For Peace“!
Q: But, isn’t fighting “A War For Peace” like “Fucking For Virginity”?
CALIPH: You mean there are still some running around? Virgins …? Where? I have a message for them: “THANKS FOR NOTHING“!! Now go report the truth. Remember, the last red headed stepchild who lied, lost his head … Kinda’ gives a new meaning to the term, “Gimme some head, Byatch”, eh?
Q: Gulp! One final question, Sir. Your manner of speaking betrays a hint of “Americanization”. Did you happen to pick up some “Americanese” in the United States; or, maybe, from some missionary in the local gutter … ?
Feel_LuckyCALIPH: Nope! Never been to the States, but I’d like to check out the cathouses in Carson City someday; that is, IF O’Bummer’s liberal immigration policy is still around – and if this damn bounty on my head is ever lifted. Failing which, I could always switch to Plan B: Sneak across the border as a Mexican hopeful, mi cariño – sell crank to gringos, comprende …? Viva La Raza …!! And, NO. “Missionary Style” is really not my style. I picked up English watching Clint Eastwood movies …. So, do you feel lucky, Punk? Well, DO YA? Now, go ahead … make me doink!


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Cryptic Connotation of the Term “LAW ENFORCEMENT”: WARNING – GRAPHIC CONTENT

July 3, 2008


The truth of the photos and video links, included in this writing, documenting Police crimes and unprovoked atrocities sanctioned by “civilized” governments on unarmed citizenry needs to be shown. The photos and videos are graphic in nature and disturbing but they are intended to prompt a sobering realization of the depths to which humankind can descend… The images represent a warning. “Dead men will have indeed died in vain if live men refuse to look at them.” LIFE magazine, May 7, 1945. Next time, if not on guard, other groups of people could be targeted for complete annihilation. As the late Simon Wiesenthal so eloquently put it, It is not a written law that the next victims must be Jews.”


Show these pictures to all men who still can think! WAR: This most diabolical, meanest and lowest of all crimes of the State …. It is true that capital is the cause of every war. But the guilt of war rests on our shoulders. It is we proletarians that make the conduct of war possible; it is for us likewise to prevent wars!Ernst Friedrich 1924 (WAR AGAINST WAR).

Japanese invasion of China

Japanese invasion of China

On the surface, the term, “LAW ENFORCEMENT” denotes an Agency controlled and empowered by the Government to ENFORCE Law and, by so doing, maintain Public Order. Here, in its plain written form, the end objective and method of achieving the objective is deceptively sequenced out of order. In reality, however, the converse is more true: Maintain Public Order by Enforcing the Law.

Once the formality of kindling Public awareness (not necessarily gaining Public concurrence or support) is accomplished through appropriately packaged propaganda and media hype, the Enforcement muscle of the State is flexed to defuse dissent (i.e. exercise control andmaintain Public Order) and promote compliance with a predesignated PERT/ Gantt chart based route that conforms with State/Foreign policy (i.e., enforce the Law).

The noted British historian Lord Acton (1834-1902) framed the famous dictum, “…Where you have a concentration of power in a few hands, all too frequently men with the mentality of gangsters get control. History has proven that. … Power tends to corrupt; absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

And History has also shown repeatedly that corrupt people do seek absolute power to enslave fellow man.

So how do corrupt, unscrupulous leaders generate popular support (or, at least, indifference, noninterference) with their policies, particularly those policies that are generally considered barbaric, downright evil, and shock the conscience; for instance, enable mass slaughter of a targeted race of defenseless citizens, yet maintain an air of respectability?

“To do evil a human being must first of all believe that what he’s doing is good… Ideology – that is what gives evildoing its long-sought justification and gives the evildoer the necessary steadfastness and determination. That is the social theory which helps to make his acts seem good instead of bad in his own and others’ eyes, so that he won’t hear reproaches and curses but will receive praise and honors.” – Nobel Lareuate Alexander Solzhenitsyn.


To promote an insidious agenda, tyrants seek first to dehumanize the “minority” target population and influence the gullible “majority” to perceive them as “Evil-Parasitic-Inimical– Foreboding-A Threat-Criminal”. Pseudo-patriotic propaganda that instills fear, or insecurities or fuels prejudice amongst the citizenry, has been known to influence and promote justification for Leaders to seize carte blanc powers and deal with this new (created) “menace”. It becomes easier to victimize the target population with public support or, alternatively, it becomes possible to victimize absent public support but with public knowledge and concession to an unpopular state of affairs: A real-time enactment of the PredatorPrey equation disguised as a National Security imperative.

It is shamefully obvious that these progressively cruel and degrading practices were neither necessary for public order, nor in conformity with the legitimate rights of the human person. The sole purpose evident here is the State’s decision to cull a targeted community consistent with National Policy dictates.


Whether the State is entitled to supreme authority to set aside or negate the “inalienable” rights of the individual (for whatever “justification”) is really a mute point open to fruitless philosophical discussion of interest to reclusive academicians – maybe! The fact remains, and history makes this very evident through man’s consistent record of ethnic “cleansing” thru’ genocide, or privilege of the victor over the vanquished, etc., the State most certainly does exercise veto power over Divine Law and universally recognized standard of humaneness and interpersonal conduct!


This is not an instant accomplishment. The soil has to be tilled before the seed can be sown! If one remembers the chronological events in Nazi Germany, the first step was to disarm the Jewish citizens (Firearms registration, regulation, confiscation – cf. Düsseldorf Manifesto), then ostracize and socially segregate through appropriate “legislation”. Then follows relocation of these unarmed “parasitic undesirables” including millions of aged, women, children, and the handicapped to concentration camps where they would be put to “good use” by the State: e.g. stripped of all possessions and dignity, forced into inhumane labor, tortured as subjects of demented medical experiments, murdered en mass, cremated en mass, stripped of any gold in their dentures, their skin made into wallets, handbags, belts and such; bones and ashes that fertilized fields in the Fatherland! Most tyrants have been known to follow this template. Do a Google Search for “Holocaust”, or “Third Reich”, or “Nazi Atrocities”and see for yourself – PLEASE!

TyrannyThe curious thing about genocide of such gross proportions is the inappropriate placement of culpability. We paint the likes of Hitler, Stalin, Mao and other Ivy League tyrants as monsters. But from a criminal law standpoint, there’s no record of their personal participation in heinous crimes, but vicariously; and that’s stretching it!  There’s no evidence of Hitler firing a singleTake 5 fatal shot to signal commencement of Open Hunting Season for Jews. Nor did he turn on a single faucet releasing cyanide gas on hapless captives. He didn’t conduct live dissections or other heinous medical experiments on live, un-anaesthetized prisoners. No, Sir! It was people like you and I – and we did it with remarkable gusto!


Along with persuasive propaganda and the time-honored advise onHow To Take Over a Country, there are at the very present a host of other more sinister devices secretly molding public thought and opinion. Without delving too much into the validity of some “conspiracy theories”, the general public is beginning to see only the “tip of the iceberg” that conceals a major inventory of Hyper-Tech mind altering enforcement tools developed for domestic “crowd control”, suppressing riots, and to maintain Public Order in the very near future. Such futuristic technology that intrudes on the sovereignty of one’s mind, or genetics, or beliefs, etc., have always given rise to public outcry. Yet such technology and research has continued unabated in secret.

During a quiet moment, have you ever wondered why we rarely respond to heinous acts perpetrated by our leaders? And when (IF) we do,how come it is typically half-hearted and fleeting? What made us so damn “tolerant” toward the victimization of others? And what makes us so damn certain it won’t happen to us next? Soon, people shall realize that the term “Public Order” is an euphemism for “Resigned Servitude”. There are creative means at work to accomplish this.

Massacre of unarmed Muslim citizens by Serbian Police

Chuck Norris once walked down the street with a massive erection.               There we no survivors.


Aliens do exist. They’re just waiting for Chuck Norris to die before they attack.

One sees red flags all over the horizon when such technology has been approved for use and its purpose is clearly yet another implement to suppress dissent. But when the underlying purpose and resulting consequences of other State run experiments are unknown or mostly conjecture, it is prudent to view them (and the motives)suspiciously.Case in Point: the Large Hadron Collider (LHC), the most powerful, $5.8alien_21 billionatom-smasher ever built. We are told that scientists expect some bizarre discoveries, such as invisible matter or extra dimensions in space when it’s switched on in August. But some critics fear the LHC could exceed physicists’ wildest expectations, like spawn a Black Hole that could realistically swallow Earth. [But I have been assured by reliable extraterrestrial sources that it most likely will create a much sought after Inter-galactic Doorway (Stargate) for celestial visitors carrying Duty Free gifts for the downtrodden Earthlings!]. Here’s the latest: http://news.yahoo.com/s/ap/20080910/ap_on_re_eu/big_bang.

NATO troops massacre Yugoslav MuslimsLooking at these pictures, one wonders if these atrocities could TRULY be the doing of human beings? “Civilized” human beings, at that? If so, we need to reevaluate our inventory of qualities that give credence to our claim that we’re human and civilized.

Viet Nam - KoreaThis macabre drama has been played out kazillion times in the past; avarice is still manifesting disguised as religion, politics, or some purportedly noble undertaking, as though such flimsy excuses bestow a tunic of respectability and validate gross criminal acts. Just as stealing is unacceptable by universal standards and one’s own conscience (no matter how convincing the reason Meat in the slaughterhousesounds), so is stealing other’s very right to exist.

These pictures represent a frightening peek into oneself that awakens a sober realization of the corruption and degeneracy lurking hidden in us all: a part of us that should never be allowed to surface. But then again, “Life is but a stage and we must flay apart all their parts”! (Sorry, Elvis!). Unless, of course, you happen NOT to be the “flay-ER”, but the “flay-EE”!


More government and law enforcement resources are being re-allocated to fight dissenting opinion from the “enemy within.” And a new class of weapons is being developed to fight “bloodless” battles, fry computer circuitry and control human minds en masse. “Less Than Lethal anti-personnel weapons” are seen in some influential quarters as being the ideal remedy for future domestic revolutionary disturbances. It may be necessary for western democracy to avert severe set-backs and become increasingly repressive and oligarchic. Armed with innovative technological weapons that do not necessarily kill, but which render disenfranchised segments of society physically inactive, emotionally stupefied and incapable of meaningful thought is a goal of those who favor a “psycho-civilized society.” This is a frightening and all too realistic scenario. Whether by design or by default, such an outcome is nothing short of a dictatorship. [Synopsis from David G. Guyatt’s Some Aspects of Anti-Personnel Electromagnetic Weapons].

Domine, Quo Vadis?

I CAN’T THINK OF A WITTY PUNCH LINE TO THE WRITING ABOVE. Perhaps because I fail to see any humor to it. So I think I’ll drown my depression in sleep; perhaps tomorrow will usher in a better era.

Good Night and God Bless …

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The “Torquemadas”: Corruption Incarnate! (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)

May 1, 2008


DEmystifying Torquemada:Laying the mystery to rest (– which means the same damn thing!).

Some describe Tomás de Torquemada, the Spanish “Grand Inquisitor”, as hero on an honorable mission of genocide; many see him as villain-butcher of a defenseless population. Fact remains, there were many Torquemadas throughout history; they simply change their attire, hair style, philosophy, political affiliation, brand of laxative, and nationality to suit the times. Yup! “You can’t keep a good man down, but it’s fun trying“! One unifying characteristic remains unaffected among them: a sanguinary inclination to bring about compliance – a privilege intrinsic to autocratic governance. This is Corruption Incarnate!

But what was the true personality of Torquemada, REALLY? What arose beckoning menacingly from within the hallowed confines of that sanctimonious tunic? What does his mommy have to say about him? Any truth to rumors about him being “Daddy’s Little Pet” with an insatiable mother fetish? Do all “Torquemada’s” throughout bloody history share a common thread? Read on …

[Thru’ permission of carlwilfiluranus]


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Now! Now! People! Let’s not get carried away with passing judgment in haste, lest we too become as they (the Inquisitors) once were. Mud-slinging and name calling each other doesn’t make anyone right. It prevents us from being impartial and fair-minded; it blinds us from recognizing the truth, which might be gettin’ sodomized right in front of us!

Having said that, let’s consider OBJECTIVELY this person of great historical importance: Tomás de Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor (1483-1498). It seems, at the time, the old adage “Set a thief to catch a thief” stood modified somewhat by Papal/Royal decree to read “Set a Jew to catch a Jew”. We all know he was a Closet Jew, as was Adolph Hitler – of direct Jewish blood lineage (“converse” in Spanish). We know he professed Catholicism and was an anointed instrument of “The Holy Office”, as was Hitler. We know he embarked on the noble venture of ensuring “pure blood” (“sangre limpia” in Spanish) in his polluted country, as did Hitler. Ethnic cleansing through genocide? So freakin’ what! It was the most expeditious administrative option available to him.

But let’s look at the plus side: the countless penitent souls saved from Hell Fire by the bonfire, not to mention the immense contribution to the Papal, National, and of course, Tommy’s very own personal coffers by the deceased. (They wouldn’t need money where they were going!).

What else do we know about this revered icon of Christendom, the architect of the phrase, “Well done, or extra crispy?”

Much of his private life is jealously guarded. One wonders “WHY”? So let’s embark on our own investigation. Let’s look up “TORQUEMADA” on the Cabalistic Calculator (free download): “Election, Honors, Stature, Without moral of physical value”. Now let’s check out “TOMAS”: Lack of resolution, Passion, Ambition, Love of science, Ardor”. “Tomás de Torquemada”: Empire, Glory, Exile, Sadness, Austerity”.

This pretty much sums it up: What we have here is a pseudo-theocentric autocrat: an ambitious, immoral potentate; a manic-depressive flake with a passion for worldly gains. “Love of Science?” You bet! This fruitcake perfected the science of physical torture WITH NO BLOODSHED (in conformance with Papal decree). Historical records show he led a reclusive, austere lifestyle of extreme self-discipline, extreme self-denial, and extreme self-punishment; certainly traits of a self-righteous, secretive sado-masochist. His nationalistic accomplishments as Grand Inquisitor betray this proclivity as well.

But, again, let’s “give the devil his due” (pardon the cliché) and check out one last infallible source of information. After all, who knew him better than anyone else? HIS MOTHER: The blessed woman who gave Tommy his life and his name! So, again, let’s examine the name “TORQUEMADA” from a different perspective:” Torque” or its variant “Torc” (pronounced “tork”) comes from the Latin “torquēre”, to twist”, like screwing. “Mata” is Spanish for “bush”, eg., “mata del pelo” = “bushy hair”. Now “madre” is Spansh for “MOTHER”, and “tomas” or “toma” is a Spanish feminine noun meaning, “TO TAKE”, “TO SEIZE”, “TO CAPTURE”. By combining these related components we make a startling discovery: a secret message form his very own mother describing him as the “seizer and screw’er of her bush”! In modern lingo, A MODDERFUDGER! Actually, a TWISTED MODDERFUDGER! Heck! I’m not gonna argue with the lady! Mama knows best!

No wonder, in his last years, he was discovered to be inseparable with that “unicorn’s horn”, the horny sado-masochistic faggot. “To ward off evil”, he claimed! Hah! But we know better, don’t we, Tommy! You sicko horndog, You! They must have been short on their inventory of Jewish choir boys. Mercy!

Q.E.D. I rest my case.

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Uncle Sam\'s HeadhuntersMI5 Britain’s domestic secret service has been accused of “outsourcing” the torture of British citizens to the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence agency. The “clinical” phase of the US government’s “Extraordinary Rendition Program” (i.e., kidnapping of targeted suspects,transportation to an “interrogation facility”, and controlled extraction of information) occurs in a “contracted nation”, e.g., Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq … just so National Security interests could continue unabated under the cloak of civility and respectability. One doesn’t really have to wander that far away to get an inkling of human depravity. Just check our very own back yard, the local Police Stations!

Sometimes it may be best to shut off the mind to the darker side of human nature and the most extreme limits of evil we’re capable of: ALL OF US – NO EXCEPTIONS! This way, by shielding our eyes and other senses from such evil manifested from within us, we might successfully trick ourselves into believing otherwise; thus preserving some measure of innocence, “inner balance” and borderline sanity; even a feeble, feigned belief that “We’re above all that!”.

But if we were to “bury our head in sand” and distance ourselves from this grim realization, there would be no one who’d respond to those muffled, helpless screams of the victims, pitiful screams occurring at this very moment somewhere. What if the tables turned and it was YOU or your loved ones on your captors’ chopping block? It’s been known to happen …

As uncanny as it sounds, human history seems to be one long, drawn out, protracted Snuff drama composed of numerous horrid episodesseparated by ‘cliff hangers’, and that depict identical scenes played upon different stages by different actors on differing themes.

Jolt your conscience with a doze of this torture video, a legacy of Saddam Hussain’s regime. It’ll make the US atrocities at Abu Gharib and GuatanamaBay look like a slumber party for adolescent girls. PLEASE BE WARNED: This is extremely graphic: Corruption gone haywire; at it’s very worst! [http://www.aei.org/events/eventID.844,filter.all/event_detail.asp].

We hope this video will shock you into taking immediate, aggressive, decisive action. Check out other sites also on the web that lay bare documentation on the sordid portion of our history, e.g., http://www.thenausea.com/menu.html. But merely knowing something’s very wrong won’t change or stop it! It will take some element of effort from you.

YOU MATTER! Every solitary voice has a sound; so does every silence! WE NEED YOUR VOICE:


[Source: http://www.worldnetdaily.com/news/article.asp?ARTICLE_ID=39045]


Check with the folks at Amnesty International:

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Fax number: +44-20-79561157

URL: http://www.amnesty.org/en/contact

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights


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Telephone: +41 22 917 90 00
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URL: http://www.ohchr.org/EN/AboutUs/Pages/ContactUs.aspx



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New Delhi-110001,India

MADAD: 91-11-23385368 (Landline); +919810298900 (mobile)

Fax Nos. 91-11-23384863 (Administration); 91-11-23386521 (Law Division); 91-11-23073876 (Investigation)

URL: covdnhrc@nic.in

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