December 15, 2008



(Popular saying amongst dirty cops doing a dirty job).


For quite some time now, there has been a conspiracy unfolding from within the “Khaki Fraternity” that has manifested in the establishment of a sinister, alternate system of enforcing Law and civic order: An underground Bohemian system tangential from conventional, customary practices prescribed by governing Law.

This is a visible state of affairs but its working mechanism is enshrouded and jealously guarded. Or, at best, never formally admitted to for fear of breaking a sacred, secret trust. Nevertheless, this disparate system of administering and enforcing public order has seized for itself a pivotal sphere of influence over Indian society claiming exemption from the confines of the Constitution.

Despite all the textbook statutory safeguards in place, one quickly realizes these to be notional, toothless and cowering in the shadows for they are routinely circumvented with impunity. But is this not to be expected when you let the fox guard the chicken? If perchance there ensues a major brouhaha and trenchant, conscientious journalism, a tiny, select sampling of police criminals may be held to answer — a nominal showing to appease the gullible citizenry and the shocked World community.

manhole-01-june1But simultaneously at work are invisible hands of policy-influencing powerhouses that control the political and administrative machinery of our government, which render clandestine support to these, their “fallen comrades” …. and reprisal for “interfering”. Rajnish Rai, a Dy. Inspector General in the State Crime Records Bureau, instrumental in the arrest of suspended IPS officers D.G. Vansara and Rajkumar Pandian (a la Sohrabuddin Fake Encounter Case) was declared as having failed all subjects in his LL.B. (Law) exam. Rai was found “guilty” on the basis of University Rule that prohibits during exams any writings on a foot-ruler (even graffiti by Rai’s 4-yr old son, which has no relevance to Law or the exam). See Link

Arbitrariness and favoritism in personnel practices has promoted criminalization within the police and given rise to anganster-01-june1 exclusive, fearsome breed of power-drunk psycho cops. It often becomes difficult to distinguish between the cop and his alter ego, the gangster. Likewise, being left unbridled, it becomes just as difficult (actually, cumbersome) for such cops to walk the straight and narrow line.


Extrajudicial methods of “policing”, particularly “encounter” killings, have proliferated as a viable and expeditious solution to a broad spectrum of both official and private nuisances.

assault1The sordid details characterizing such incidents rarely come to light; if they do, it’s only a tiny “flash in the pan”, soon to be forgotten. And the practice continues on unabated with renewed gusto (and greater secrecy) encouraged by public apathy.

Such murders, by a magical stroke of the Police pen, are anointed, by the trusting judiciary’s rubber stamp, with a cloak of legitimacy and subsequently referred to as Police response to unprovoked, armed “encounters”.

Case in point: The abduction and vendetta killing of extortionist Sohrabuddin Sheikh on November 26, 2005 by the Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad. He was later fraudulently labeled a member of the militant Lashkar-e-Taiba. Shortly thereafter, they murdered his wife Kauserbi and an uninvolved traveling companion torching and disposing them so as to purge evidence. See Link:

Several senior police officers from different states, including Gujarat, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, as well as high placed politicians are suspected to be involved in the murders. So far only three ranking IPS officers have been arrested: Border Range DIG (Dy. Inspector General of Police) D.G. Vanjhara, Superintendent (Operations) Raj Kumar Pandian, and Superintendent M.N. Dinesh. This is merely the tip of the iceberg.

zombie-risingAs the investigation unfolds, we are told that D.G. Vanzara was paid to kill Sohrabuddin Sheikh by Rajasthan’s influential marble lobby! Vanzara was himself moonlighting, running a successful extortion racket staffed by Rajkumar Pandiyan, KM Vaghela, GL Singhal and other policemen. Sources in victimized families indicated Vanzara and his associates would, for a consideration, release criminals accused even of serious crimes, including murder, when the right price was paid to Vanzara’s syndicate.

One of the accused in the Sohrabuddin murders, Gujarat Asst. Commissioner Narendra Kumar Amin had visited Hyderabad on Nov. 1, 2004 to arrest and extradite Moulana Naseeruddin who was wanted in Gujarat. A group of protesters at the State’s DGP’s Office were dealt with indiscriminate gun fire from Narendra Kumar that killed 20-year-old Mujahid Salim Islahi. A murder case (No. 883/04) was registered against Narendra Kumar Amin at the Saifabad police station. The then ACP Jagan Mohan Reddy claims to have “investigated” the case, but it was not pursued very far for reasons best known to people who really know the reasons!


As expected, the court-ordered investigation into the arg-devil-sm-url1Sohrabuddin Fake “Encounter” Case is up against obstacles from within the Chain of Command. The DIG of CID (Crimes) Rajneesh Rai, assigned to investigate the murder was served written directives from the Gujarat State Director General P.C. Pande that strategically limits his investigatory powers and effectively stymies any prospect of a truthful disposition and its disclosure to the public. Mr. Rai “should seek prior permission from higher-ups, including himself, while taking major decisions in the matter including arrest, permission for forensic tests, searches, future line of investigations and custodial interrogations.” Link:

The notoriety generated by the Sohrabuddin incident is naughty-lil-girlencouraging families of several other suspected “encounter” victims to come forth with petitions for court-ordered investigations. It’ll be interesting to see how these are disposed with.

There are serious allegations of involvement of the Andhra Pradesh State Police and its collusion with the Gujarat State agency in effecting the extra judicial killing of the three suspects. The official A.P. State position to allegations of conspiracy is a straight faced denial. A.P. State DGP M.A. Basith (thankfully retired since then) indicated that it certainly is normal practice for police of one State to assist colleagues from another State in criminal investigations and intelligence dissemination. But in this particular case, Basith emphatically denied any such interaction occurring. . He indicated further, that if the requesting Agency were to misuse any information – assistance offered, the Host Agency (i.e., A.P. State Police) would be guiltless. [Hypothetically, quite correct. Unless both sister Agencies were of single purpose].

Since the final phase of trailing the suspects, their capture, and abduction to Vilasrao’s murder retreat commenced in Hyderabad, surely the A.P. State Police were aware of visiting Task Force personnel from another State being lodged in Police Officers Mess in Hyderabad? Yet no one questioned, “Why” or exchanged any pertinent information relative to a critical mission of official visitors from an allied Police Agency?



Naturally, one wonders why, in this specific case, the “normal practice” of information/intelligence sharing between State Agencies was curiously disregarded especially in view of the fact that information was obviously available and the Gujarat police team responsible for the murders, utilized Hyderabad as a transitory Base of Operations.

Could it be that the public is being deliberately protected from Truth? Could it be that the sobering Truth, Folks, relates to matters much bigger than some two-bit racketeers being bumped off by other two-bit uniform wearing racketeers. The Truth is frightfully evident in this saga: There exists an animate, visible, ruthless, powerful, self-gratifying system of governance that has turned predator on the very populace that created it in the first place. Our apathy created it; now our continued apathy nurtures it. The irony is that it has, by and large, gained a conspicuous foothold amongst the masses.

But, for just one imaginary moment, let’s shelve our antiquated value system and standard of justice defined by the Constitution; Let’s flirt with some treasonous “outside the Box” thinking, and ponder on the merits of radical, extra-conventional resolutions to the complexities inherent in a purportedly democratic society such as ours:

The observant among us will recognize that government-anointed extra judicial death squads are certainly a viable law enforcement tool in a variety of troubling situations. For one thing, they represent a serious threat to dissent and mercifully spare the already overburdened jail and court systems from further strain. One notable “troubling situation” under decisive control, which comes immediately to mind, is the almost smothered Naxallite presence in Andhra Pradesh State thanks to the judicious utilization of the extra judicial “encounter” remedy. Do we see any likelihood of it being officially established as a versatile tonic to redress a wide range of time-sensitive social maladies at some point in future?


It would be interesting to learn whether this “law” enforcement strategy is being applied indiscriminately, as a generic, instant “Fix” for the community’s radicals or reserved exclusively for the chosen few? Just how frequently are our protectors resorting to this measure? And how much longer for our anonymous, masked crusaders to step out from the shadows flaunting that crisp black uniform, the silver Swastika and Iron Cross?


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May 3, 2015

 The Black Robe


Here’s some food for thought:

Are Remanding Judges and courts morally and legally responsible for the safety and well being of persons in Judicial Custody? Are they under any obligation to ensure the safety and well-being of persons held in their Custody? Should they be held accountable for lapses committed by others acting under their direction? Is there such a thing as ‘Judicial Conscience’?Summary Execution

There are several incidents of police ‘encounter’ killings occurring as part and parcel of routine Indian police work (just google it if you wish to verify); case(s) in point: the recent custodial murders at Nizamabad, Miryalguda, Ranga Reddy, and Sangareddy …Sporadic reports of crowd control gone haywire and the stifling of dissent through use of deadly force by the police. Incidents of police baton-charging and firing indiscriminately into political protesters (including those who were fleeing). ‘’Enhanced Interrogation’’ practiced routinely in police stations (i.e., torture, mutilation, and sometimes death) … Racial profiling, arbitrary Cordon and Search operations zeroing in on minority communities, illegal detentions, vendetta killing of under-trial prisoners, ‘‘encounter killings’’, i.e., extra-judicial execution of those labeled as ‘’hard-core criminals, gangsters, dacoits, extortionists, and those Others placed in the ‘’miscellaneous category’’ of soon-to-be deceased’.

What’s surprising is, many of these ‘encounters’ involve the killing of Under- Trial suspects who are in judicial custody, i.e., purportedly under Five Murdered Suspectsprotection of the remanding judge while awaiting the grant of bail.

What’s even more surprising is, there’s hardly any suo moto inquiry from the honorable court who assumed responsibility for the safety and well-being of the person(s) held in their charge; consequently, no accountability for use of deadly force against Under-Trials by the police – unless, of course, the incident has gained some notoriety or (short lived) publicity. Even then, such is the workings of our criminal (in-)justice machinery, the incident defaults to justifiable homicide or, more commonly, fades off into oblivion along with the puppet ‘Inquiry’ Committee appointed to oversee such matters related to police death squads.

‘Any public outcry …,’ you inquire anxiously? What damn ‘outcry’ can one expect from a programmed, borderline intellectually dysfunctional citizenry  that glorifies government-appointed extra judicial executioners who publicly flaunt a celebrity image as ‘Encounter Specialists’?! And celebrities THEY ARE, what with their extravagant lifestyles and investigative dossiers with the Anti Corruption Bureau!


PSYCHO COPS: Celebrity_Murderers

One of the allegations is that encounter specialists, under private contract, helped organized crime by eliminating members of a rival gang for a hefty price. The rival gangster would first be detained, and then summarily dispatched on one pretext or another under color of the Law. At least two prominent attempts at prosecution for ‘alleged’ corruption, assets disproportionate to their known source of income, extra judicial executions, racketeering, etc., were flushed down the commode by the Director General’s office who found no incriminating evidence against the Accused. In a related case, the Supreme Court pronounced acquittal. One wonders just how far up does the Chain of Corruption (or Ignorance, or apathy) reach …..?

Do you remember the abduction and vendetta killing of extortionist Sohrabuddin Sheikh on November 26, 2005 by the Gujarat Anti-Terrorist Squad (ATS)? He was later fraudulently labeled a member of the militant Lashkar-e-Taiba. Shortly thereafter, they murdered his wife Kauserbi and an uninvolved traveling companion torching and disposing of them so as to purge evidence.

Several senior police officers from different states, including Gujarat, Rajasthan and Andhra Pradesh, as well as high placed politicians are suspected to be involved in the murders. As the investigation unfolded, we are told that D.G. Vanzara of ATS was paid to kill Sohrabuddin Sheikh by Rajasthan’s influential marble lobby! Vanzara was himself moonlighting, running a successful extortion racket staffed by Rajkumar Pandiyan, KM Vaghela, GL Singhal and other policemen. Sources in victimized families indicate that Vanzara and his associates would release from custody, criminals accused of serious crimes, including murder, when the right price was paid to Vanzara’s syndicate.

Among other notional arrests of select fall guys in the ATS, the CBI arrested the then Home Minister of Gujarat State, Mr. Amit Shah, for ordering theorganized-crime triple murders. Apparently, CBI’s ‘conclusive’ evidence didn’t hold up to much in court. Mr. Shah, who happens to be the closest aide of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and head of ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP), was forthrightly cleared of all charges by the courts.

If ‘’time heals all wounds’’, serious incidents of gross Human Rights violations become a fleeting memory replaced by ’’more interesting’’ human interest stories in the media or Bollywood’s serials/naach-gaana on TV. There is little or no perseverant follow up to hold officials accountable. Citizen apathy facilitates the making of a Police State. We’re pretty damn close to it right now with the random, warrantless searches/seizures/arrests going on merrily before the eyes of our intellectually paraplegic citizenry. Do we see a light at the end of the tunnel or is it a freight train heading in our direction? ‘Investigations’ have a way of fizzling out by the powers that be.

Two other incidents of law-enforcement gone berserk come to my mind:

Early April morning, Telangana police shot dead five Muslim youths, accused in terror cases (but were to be acquitted), while they were under judicial protection and being shifted from Warangal Prison to Hyderabad Criminal court in a running vehicle. As expected, Police resorted to the usual justification, that they fired in Staged Killing‘self-defense’ responding to a prisoner attempting to snatch a rifle; so, they shot them all! But thee was no sign of revolt and not a single cop had been injured. There was no evidence of a struggle in the transport vehicle, no forensic disposition relative to the line/angle of fire, distance of the purported confrontation, etc., and photographs released by police themselves show the deceased prisoners to be handcuffed to their seats; securely confined!

The public has not as yet woken up to the fact that these photographs are a façade, an insult to our intelligence, and, in fact, incriminate the police! Judging from the images, the handcuffs would allow perhaps a 3” reach with the armrest blocking any free movement sufficient to wrest the rifle away. Besides, if the deceased prisoner was in full control of the firearm and presenting a clear and present danger to the escort personnel (as the photograph is supposed to suggests), it would have instead been pointed toward the aisle to his right.

You may recall a similar incident occurring in December 2008, where a bunch of scum bags accused of spraying acid on girls who rebuked their advances, were being transported under judicial protection from Hyderabad Court to Warangal Prison. They were all shot dead by escorting police personnel under very suspicious circumstances.

According to Police, those cowardly villains, under heavy armed escort, made a courageous break for freedom, barefoot, from a running vehicle but were conveniently cornered in a desolate forested area (away from eyewitnesses and the sound of gunfire). One of the ‘escapees’ conjured up a handgun; so, all three were summarily dispatched by well placed shots to their vitals (guilty be association?).

In line with the theme of a Encounter MurdersB-Class Telugu TV detective serial, a photograph showed a deceased suspect curiously still holding the handgun; his dead companions were unarmed. But in most all real life shootouts, the impact of the slug on a suspect’s body jerks the weapon loose long before he hits the ground! Hmmm… There are several loose ends in both scenarios that reek of murder: like, for instance, no formal inquiry by police brass – and not a whimper of indignation from the judiciary.

What we’re witnessing is rampant, untethered lawlessness in government. We’re witnessing a polarization between the common man and his chosen representatives who are supposed to be accountable to him. But how are they to be accountable when we do not hold them accountable?

Can You Do It This Way?

Can You Do It This Way?

Obviously, our police need training on how to create a halfway credible crime scene after the fact. But perhaps, this is not really necessary in view of our brown-nosing media, a gullible public whose interest and attention span is easily manipulated, and a seemingly cooperative judiciary.

‘’When injustice becomes Law, resistance becomes duty’’. Thomas Jefferson. Question authority! It is still our Right!

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