There has recently been a lot of brouhaha about a Delhi Head Traffic Constable, Satish Chandra, who was caught on video throwing a brick at a woman. The video went viral on the net! He was summarily arrested and dismissed from service. That is swift justice indeed – politically biased justice that circumvents the cop’s right to have a say in the matter.

There’s a lot more to the story than what meets the eye:

What we see and hear in the news is solely the woman’s (purported victim) version of the incident. No one bothered to interview the (purported) assailant – which is intrinsically unfair and contrary to the fundamental maxim of justice, the preponderance of innocence. Surely there must be something here that has escaped our cognizance and led to flawed reasoning? If not, shouldn’t we feel duty bound to search deeper for such evidence – even invent it – to create ‘reasonable doubt’? Hmmm …!Cheap Shot

Well, boys and girls, and those interested in creative BS Forensics, this site’s administrator, who has an unshakeable reputation for championing the cause of the underdog (in this case, the maligned Delhi cop), took it upon himself to consult self-styled videography specialists, legal beagles and reputable jailhouse lawyers, regular patrons of the local liquor compounds, and other suspended policemen facing serious criminal charges. Here’s what their turbo-charged minds on 90%-proof came up with:

Firstly, the video was obviously edited. There are different footage’s broadcasted purportedly from the same camera. Moreover, there’s no audio, so we are at a loss as to why; which renders the very substance of the verbal interchange (if any) open to prima facie suspicion.

From the written media we learn that the woman (putative victim) was riding ‘triple’ (violating traffic safety laws) with her THREE minor daughters (who, the video shows, were not wearing helmets). She admits to being in a hurry and jumping the Red Light.

Hysterical Traffic Law ViolatorThe cop dutifully intercepts and confronts her. He demands to see her license and vehicle registration. She attempts to drive off. The cop makes a move to grab the key and disable the vehicle. She becomes loud, argumentative, and loses her grip on her bike. Before the cop could write out a challan, there’s a quick transformation into Psycho Woman. She turns abusive, out of control, assaultive and, while no one’s noticing, throws a brick at the cop, missing him but damaging government property (i.e., his bike). Her intent, of course, was to skip paying the fine; this, she did admirably, through an appropriate dose of timely hysteria: insulting and attempting to cause grave injury to an unarmed public servant on duty.

All this dramatics just to avoid a legitimate traffic challan! Some thespian …

Well … you say, as you slam down another large one, it could have been ahellofalot worse for the cop: instead of resorting to simple hysteria, name calling, and using a blunt weapon on lawful authority, the woman could have pulled out the all-powerful Female Trump Card and accused the cop of sexually inappropriate behavior!

But, mercifully, such is not the case here since the culprit’s self-admitted guilt (to the traffic infraction) had a way of instinctively fogging her mind into overlooking the availability of this most effective weapon in a misandrist’s arsenal.

Granted, its use here would have been overkill but, nevertheless, a powerful, politically recognized strategy designed to generate public sympathy and support, so one’s attention is diverted elsewhere but from the reason she was intercepted in the first place; thus, absolving herself from criminal culpability. So now, a criminal becomes a victim. Chalk one up for a (guilty) Woman’s Rights Movement.

Anyway, amidst the commotion, the cop notices a black dog menacingly approaching the subject woman from behind. Watch this video from 3.47 onward. The cop’s protective instincts come into play: he grabs a brick to throw at the dog and defend the frenzied woman. The woman charges toward the cop and attempts to block his throwing arm.

In the absence of audio, we can only speculate on two possible explanations for her rushing toward the cop:
• Either the woman misinterprets his gesture as a rightful imminent retaliation against her,
• or she is a closet dog lover and was attempting to protect the dog from the cop’s brick.
Either way, she was deliberately in the ‘line of fire’. The cop throws the brick, misses the dog, and hits the woman.

Hey! An accident is an accident! So what’s the big freaking deal, eh? But, on the other hand, if he did hit the dog, the animal rights activists would pop into the picture. Either way, the cop would have been screwed!

Fear The PussyIt will be interesting to see whether the woman will be prosecuted as well for disrespecting a law enforcement officer in the performance of his duty and initiating upon him a potentially lethal attack with a weapon. After all, doesn’t the Constitution guarantee equal treatment before the law? Or are guilt-ridden hysterical women above the law?

There are a few important lessons to be learned here:

• Obey traffic laws; Don’t jump the Red Light. Do not attempt to evade an officer of the law when you’ve been ordered to stop. (Unless you happen to be a hysterical woman armed with a brick).
• Be thankful the cop was letting her off allegedly with a meager Rs. 200/- bribe instead of charging the full Rs. 1000/- for this infraction, plus other citations for riding ‘triple’, attempting to disobey a lawful order, riding without a drivers license/registration, etc.
• Accept responsibility for your mistake. Don’t show disrespect to authority in public: it fuels anarchy. Do not attack police (never with weapons)!
• The cop merely bruised her hand/butt (accidentally, of course!); and, because she happens to be a woman, this created a shit-load of adverse publicity. If half as much publicity was generated exposing fake encounter killings, there’d be a lot more respect and credibility toward the media. But the problem is, extra-judicial summary executions are hardly, if ever, videographed by passers by!

Pussy Thrashes Cock

Pussy Thrashes Cock

Food for thought: If the rider happened to be a man, his ass would have been in the slammer; proof enough that Pussy Power is alive and well – and getting stronger day-by-day.

On a related note, one has learned to accept police brutality as a necessity that goes along with the territory. Let’s face it: how does one expect the police to do their job without bribery inspired by brutality, eh? The two fit together like a condom over a pee-pee. Right? RIGHT!

So, what do you think?

Copyright 2015. Carlisle Collins. havepenwillwrite. All Rights Reserved.


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