The Abominating, Devastating, Dominating, Delhi-Belly Aching,


Government’s Decisive Response to Random Acts of Terror.


“Hell hath no fury like a Feminazi on a mission!” – Deceased (male) activist martyred in his quest for Equal Rights For Men.


  1. “SCREW THE BITCH: Divorce Tactics For Men” by Dick Hart. You can either purchase the book for around $300 from (Paperback: 186 pages. Publisher: Breakout Productions – June 1, 1991. ISBN-10: 1893626318. ISBN-13: 978-1893626317), or you could be a Dick and screw Dick out of his misogynistic earnings by downloading the .pdf version from
  2. Now there’s another side to the story of righteous indignation where the writer, Keith Harmon Snow, alleges that US Family Courts are behind an epidemic of pedophilia & judicial abuse. Check out “A LIFE SENTENCE: U.S. FAMILY COURTS SACRIFICING MOTHERS & CHILDREN”.
  3. Also read the “work” of Wilhelm Reich (1897-1957 the Austrian psychoanalyst who theorized that sexual repression is the source of many psychological and social problems; then kiss adieu to whatever morals we mercifully still have left!

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