The Rajesh Talwar Trajic Comedy

“A reputation once broken may possibly be repaired, but the world will always keep their eyes on the spot where the crack was.” – Joseph Hall

The English jurist William Blackstone opined, “Better that ten guilty persons escape, than that one innocent suffer.” In international legal circles, this represents the classic legal axiom of the presumption of innocence and the burden of proof “beyond a reasonable doubt” that prevails in criminal law. But, as is painfully evident, this fundamental precept stands somewhat modified for Desi practice by the Police entrepreneurship and myopic jurisprudents within the Indian Criminal “Justice” System:

It is better that ten innocent people hang,

Rather than one guilty person escape justice!

Yes, indeed! Where else but in our own beloved Mother India does the Maxim of (in)Justice hold more true: “A person is guilty until proven innocent“? Read on …

In yet another disgraceful showing of typical Indian police (guess)work, a murder is solved by playing “musical chairs” with alleged “suspects”: Another good name goes to (the?) dogs; another slimy soap opera surfaces.

14 year old Aarushi (Dr. Rajesh Talwar’s daughter) was found murdered in her flat on May 16 with her throat slit. The Noida police named the domestic help Hemraj as the prime accused. “Why”, you ask? Well, why the hell not? This deduction was certainly in line with the ol’ time-tested theme of detective mysteries, “The butler did it!” It was sound enough reason for the expert dicks (i.e., detectives) at the Noida Police Department to go by.

And everything was going just fine, according to plan … Skippity-Skip- Hoppity-Hop! … Yet another murder solved thru’ exemplary ‘Text-book Style’ police work! Bravo!

And a day later, the “murderer’s” corpse was discovered on the terrace! It seems the police search teams delegated to track down Hemraj, commenced their search from “Periphery toward Core” (or “ass-backwards”, in layman terms) instead of the other way around deviating from standard investigation protocol. It was later learned from CBI investigators that delay in handing over the case to the CBI, Noida Police’s “shoddy investigations”, the disturbed, destroyed, and unpreserved crime scene has proved detrimental!

But not to be worried about such minor set-backs, the Nodia Police switch to PLAN “B”! They jump on the grieving father. “Why”, you ask? Well, why the hell not! The Police maintain a well-stocked library of spicy stories reserved for just such occasions. Also, there’s creative journalistic talent at the Station: their report writers, renowned for sleaze, have been known to moonlight as script writers for B-rated Tamil smut movies. But regardless, the learned judge would, in any case, rubber-stamp the Police’s request for Dr. Talwar’s confinement, denial of Bail, and, with continuing prejudicial media coverage, bring about a quick conviction!

So the Police’s story goes something like this: Dr. Talwar, a noted dental surgeon, was involved in an extra-professional joint venture with a female colleague honing his skills on some non-dental cavity-filling on the sly. 14 year old Aarushi got a first-hand look at how the good doctor (her dad) got his patient to get over her fear of the needle. So Dad convinced his precious little daughter into protecting his trade secret by slitting her tender throat.

“OK. So far, so good”, you observe in agreement. “But why kill Hemraj?” Well, why the hell not! I can think of a dozen good reasons at the snap of the finger. How about the good ol’ ill-fated “Love Triangle”? Always works! Or maybe Doctor Saheb was unhappy at the way Hemjaj shined his shoes. That would be a real good reason to bump off the naukaraani, in my books. “Besides, we’re the police. We can write whatever we damn well please because we have the media and most judges in our pocket.”

“And if, by some rare fluke of (rotten) luck, we are proved wrong. So damn what? We are only human! You mean to say that you have never lied? Oh come on, Yar ….. bass-kar!”

At the time of this writing, we learn that CBI petitioned the court for Dr. Talwar’s release citing an absence of incriminating evidence against him. Dr. Talwar, on posting Rs. 50,000 bail, has apparently been “partially” acquitted after a 51 day-ordeal in jail. This certainly reinforces faith in our Criminal “Justice” System and speaks volumes about our pledge to accord due process and Human Rights protection!

See Link below for current details of Dr. Talwar’s saga. The CBI story of little Arushi’s premature demise is a lot more interesting (and credible) than Noida Police’s literary rendition of Desi porn:

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One Response to The Rajesh Talwar Trajic Comedy

  1. THIS JUST IN: CBI decided to abandon the case for “lack of evidence”! So let’s just forget about the entire incident: Arushi is dead! Hemraj is dead! Dr. Talwar’s reputation is History! And nothing is impossible in good ol’ Bharat! JAI HIND and have a HAPPY (?!) NEW YEAR …

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