Citizen Apathy Nurtures Corrupt Governance


Corruption is certainly not unique to India.It exists all over the world and spews a distinct, characteristic, easily recognizable odor. But whereas elsewhere, hidden in isolated “pockets”, it becomes “Breaking News” when discovered, here, in our beloved Bharat, Corruption doesn’t have to be discovered because it is not hidden. It is vociferously “Res ipsa loquitur” everywhere: so rampant that its “discovery” is rarely a newsworthy event! And if, due to availability of some “filler space”, it finds itself in print, the self-righteous accusatory finger points exclusively to the individual perpetrator rather than also the vicarious accomplices merrily flourishing in this prevalent environment of putrefied morals that threatens to represent our National ethos.

Most everyone including Police agree that the Police establishment is CRITICALLY in need of a deep cleansing enema. There are a zillion articles, thesis, studies, and other offerings on the web, from good-intentioned “experts” as well as lay people, on police corruption; and just as varied suggestions on remedies. But, as the record shows, these writings will no doubt continue to remain nothing more than of marginal academic interest because, like it or not, Corruption has become an integral part of the Indian cultural fabric like Garam Masala and coconut hair oil. In fact, some would consider any REAL attempt to root it out as unpatriotic – even treasonous!

History stands in testament to the sad fact that, in real life, no amount of theory or “text-book” solutions could unclog the constipating impediment to our ancestral value system once revered worldwide. You see, “How To” books, encyclopedias, universities, PoliceAcademies, etc. just do not possess the wherewithal to teach ethics, integrity, and fundamental value expectations amounting to inter-personal decency one learns at home. Either you still have it or you’ve flushed it down the commode.

Most homes use (or purport to use) the “Old School” approach to lying: It is a punishable offense. One learns very quickly you need several lies to support the first lie – and, when (not IF) your lie is discovered, the gravity of punishment increases proportionately. We endeavor to teach our children so and, reciprocally, set a like standard in our own personal dealings with others lest we appear as hypocrites.

“LIAR” IS AN EUPHEMISM FOR “THIEF”; in fact, the Liar is THE LOWEST BREED OF THIEF: he steals your trust, your confidence, yourGood Intentions respect, and, undeservedly, claims for himself an honored place in society. When most have to earn that status through a lengthy, proven track record, some are anointed into that position, transformed as if magically by that Police uniform! The uniform, however, has become nothing more than a deceptive placard declaring, “I am worthy of your trust, and this uniform says so”; but the widespread farcical “investigations” and creative police reports belie that claim.


Is there any redress when such officious lies stand repeatedly exposed as during the course of the numerous criminal trials throughout our nation (India)? Has there been any occasion our anointed Liars In Uniform were ever taken to task? Or does the stench of perjury, more so by a public official, prompt no more cognizance than if it were just another mundane post-digestive gaseous extrusion ceremoniously emitted in court; certainly irritating but, acceptable; it being mercifully, transitory (unlike the lingering, overbearing, asphyxiating pong of officious corruption)!

It is certainly a disgraceful showing whenever perjury from the Prosecution is accepted as commonplace and overlooked by the courts. One wonders, therefore, what standard the judiciary conforms itself to; and whether, by this “tolerant” stance, the courts have, in effect, condoned and given judicial recognition to a universally unsanctioned Police privilege, viz. to taint judicial proceedings and impede the course of justice by lying with impunity? When police and/or prosecutors conceal significant exculpatory or impeaching material, who should we ordinarily hold incumbent to set the record straight?

There still might be some judges around who view perjury as a criminal act that impedes the discovery of truth; an act contemptuous toward the judicial process itself. When courts take a stand against such pandemic lies and see it as tantamount to defecation on the Bench, they will send a clear message to other prospective opportunists (especially the uniform-wearing variety) that there’s a heavy price to pay for clogging up our already clogged court system with bogus or exaggerated claims that promote opportunism!Why? Why? Why?

Is lying ever justified when someone’s freedom, reputation, livelihood depends upon Truth? If the courts are not the last bastion for Truth, then is the Indian Criminal “Justice” System indeed a sham as the world community purports it to be?

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Does our younger generation deserve to inherit this carious legacy? Do we privately give a damn whether they do or don’t?

© Copyright 2010 – Carlisle Collins – All Rights Reserved


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