Deception And Other Neat Hoaxes (In the public’s interest?)


Officials caught lying, had been lying for years skillfully evading detection by the public. The liar becomes increasingly talented and confident in his capacity to deceive. He typically invents justification for his lies, often believing them to be righteous. He may see himself as being in a privileged clique on a private agenda and a value system far superior and sharply tangential from mainstream society’s. Such officials set a nefarious policy expectation up and down the chain of command. As for being censured or suspended for “Conduct unbecoming of a police officer”, are you kidding? This IS conduct one has come to expect from our Police!

The Indian Police (dis)Service, on occasion, has been known to defecate some choice sampling of morally putrid progeny on the unwary public. Most Police-initiated crimes go unreported; they are simply shrugged off as “the way we do business”. Nothing really newsworthy about it! The incident below was reported only because a fellow journalist was on the receiving end. Here’s the link to The Times of India:,prtpage-1.cms

Scandal begins when the police attempt to put a stop to it! As the (then) Deputy Commissioner of Police, Amit Garg lied to the Home Minister and falsified Police Reports to substantiate his lies. He was retained in the Field a couple more years most likely tofurther hone his skills and recently transferred to the IPS Academy on a promotion as Deputy Inspector General, why else but so his exemplary professional conduct in the Field could be emulated by new generations of IPS officers! Some “Damage Control” by the Powers That Be! Jai Hind! But for the few true patriots struggling from “fox holes” to re-establish National integrity, fundamental values, and plural polity of secular, democratic India, this certainly sets a frightening precedence.

Arbitrariness and favoritism in personnel practices has promoted criminalization within the police, extrajudicial methods of “policing”. Extra judicial killings has proliferated and is privately recognized as a viable and expeditious solution to a broad spectrum of both official and private nuisances. Such murders, by a magical stroke of the Police pen, are anointed with a cloak of legitimacy by the trusting judiciary’s rubber stamp and subsequently referred to as Police response to unprovoked, armed “encounters”.

Administration’s unabated practice of empowering public servants with wide leverage to ventilate their personal, racist prejudices upon a minority community’s religious mandates might be interpreted as blatant criminal complicity tantamount to propagating Hate Crimes under color of Law. Below is just one such pictorial reminder of Power gone amok.

There is no ambiguity in this “writing on the wall”. The message is clear: One can sense the impending resurgence of yet other sequels to the infamous Gujarat carnage in strategic parts of the country by recognizing and assessing the present climate. The Gujarat incident was not a spontaneous upsurge of mass anger. It was a carefully planned, organized and professionally executed pogrom facilitated by active connivance of the state police and administrative machinery, and there is still no redress and no guarantees of it not occurring in future. (Reflections on the Gujarat massacre by Harsh Mander, IAS. Also check out details at

AND SO WHAT! As a practical matter, if IPS were to mold Fresh Talent possessing integrity, uprightness, honesty, etc., etc., and all the other “goody, goody” traits stereotypical of fictional Utopian characters, there would remain no one we could call upon to maintain our enviable, unconscionable record of genocide and human rights violations against Sikhs, Muslims and other minorities. Ce n’est pas vrai?

The question here is not what kind of government policy is legitimate, but how legitimacy is made to manifest in the context of public approval and acceptance. So much for safeguarding our constitutional principles of equity and secularism at one time held so dear among us Indians! Or perhaps we can’t see the light because we’re being blinded by the spray: Maybe dancing under the golden shower of our learned Leaders is actually good for us, AND WE DON’T KNOW IT JUST YET BECAUSE WE ARE YET TO EVOLVE TO THAT HIGHER LEVEL OF CONSCIOUSNESS!

We’re still scratching our heads over that one!

Our young IPS aspirants certainly stand to learn a lot from our mercurial hero. One can but pray it won’t reflect the dominant sleazy side of his talents. (“Mercurial”? Hmmm … Wasn’t Mercury, the winged messenger of the Greek gods, known to be a compulsive liar and trickster?). Here’s the link:

And when the Un-credible Incredible AMIT GARG, IPS is challenged by the Press, quick like a bunny with remarkable, practiced unctuousness and enviable verbal jugglery, he daintily fox-trots his challengers into a corner blaming his victims for “misinterpreting” his directives “request”. “Misinterpreting”? Wah-ray-Wah, Challu Cheeze!! Were his formal orders in Latin, Sanskrit, or Braille to have been “misinterpreted”? “The best defensive maneuver is a good tactical counter offense”. Smooth move, Dude!

… and the dude DOES move smooth: one reads of his tentacular presence in almost every lucrative orifice: Land disputes, Strong-arming (‘Dadagiri’), Obstructing Justice with straight face lies to Tribunals, Falsifying Police Reports ….   One wonders whether such qualities are considered pre-requisites for admission to the IPS cadre or are they acquired through long hours of shady coursework at the Academy? See Links:

This guy’s gotta be the life of parties! It’s not too difficult to guess exactly which Party? At the time of this writing, it is rumored that our maverick swashbuckler is being groomed for more prominent undertakings commensurate with his demonstrated talents, viz. the City Crime Branch, and onward to Commissioner, possibly even State Director General and the Ivory Throne of CBI within reasonable reach. “In a hierarchy, every employee tends to rise to his level of incompetence.” – Laurence J. Peter.

P.S. Don’t forget your friends, Pal. And please forget your critics!

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