Corruption With A Silver Lining?

It is prudent to publicly condemn corrupt practices, but, in private, most Indians have come to accept it as an invaluable general purpose catalyst: the ultimate motivator … the universal ice-breaker and palm greaser … the lingo everyone is conversant with … the master key that opens all locks! Let’s face it, we can boast having the very best darn Police money can buy – second to none! Where else but in our own beloved Mother India can you have anything done – I mean ANYTHING – by our uniformed gangsters and, that too, for a reasonable price? It is commonly believed that one can even walk into court with the decapitated head of someone they just killed and get bail! Provided you have “a little extra” to back your play.

The individual’s Rights is paramount! Mahatma Gandhi’s Civil Disobedience theme was reliant on his principle that “elementary rights of individuals” were more important than the Empire’s political interests. True to his guiding inspiration, even today, the “elementary rights of individuals” IS STILL more prominently catered to but these “individuals” are the nation’s policy-influencing individuals and those entrusted with enforcement powers over the masses! In all fairness, we believe, even more than the homage and gratitude the persecuted handful of bullied patriots pay to the Father of Our Nation, the corrupt mass majority should be compelled to devote much more: percentage-wise! After all, were we still being plundered by the British Raj, it would have presented a serious impediment to the prosperity of our very own indigenous variety of Desi looters, wouldn’t you say?

Of course no one has the foolish courage to publicly admit it [– except fools (Oops!), and those few who truly can’t afford to feather someone else’s nest with their modest, honest earnings; in other words, THE LOSERS!]. One wonders if there’s any hope for our Nation to survive against such overwhelming, treasonous odds? Or are we destined to crawl in this cesspool of decadence, disguising the stench with cheap cologne while feigning indignation before the World community?

The Late Justice A.N. Mulla (a former Judge of the Allahabad High Court and author of the Mulla Committee on Prison Reform) stated: “I say it with all sense of responsibility that there is not a single lawless group in the whole country whose record of crime is anywhere near the record of that organized unit which is known as the Indian Police Force.

Need we say any more?




© Copyright 2010 – Carlisle Collins – All Rights Reserved


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