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In a “nutshell”, we’re all about busting rotten nuts and this confining shell!

You see, our nation India, which symbolizes beauty in diversity, represents the crucible of veritable cosmopolitan constituency, and purports to project a laudable image of secular harmony does so before the mesmerized world community on a staged platform with curtains down concealing decomposed “skeletons in the closet” that stand for CORRUPTION!

It’s suffocating back here, behind that opaque, heavily starched Khadi curtain of pretentiousness. One becomes easily prone to melancholy; or worse, gets used to it!

It is by no means a novel discovery that corruption, particularly Police corruption has long since infiltrated our life blood and is influencing our day to day lives. This Blog was created as part of the broader Nationalistic mission to awaken the conscience, take cognizance of and challenge Police excesses, inspire conscientiousness, impartiality and objectivity in our court system, and isolate political interference and other corrupting influences that have historically colored public confidence in our criminal justice system.

This site provides a forum for aggrieved victims of our commercialized, predatory criminal “justice” entrepreneurship, to open up and pursue redress thru’ non-professional counsel from others. Through collective effort, we hope to fuel public awareness catalytic to penetrating this dense, evil fog of moral decadence surrounding us, that we may see for ourselves just how low we’ve allowed ourselves to sink. We look to promote public intolerance of such intensity that our misguided Nation and its conformist leaders will have no alternative but to change course and rediscover blessings from righteous living as preached by sages of every civilization:

DHARMA” is the only TRUE path to fulfillment.


Undiluted candor appears insulting only to those conditioned to rationalize validity of a wrong act. Rationalization mentally processes the wrong act into something that conforms to the Palatability Standard of the conscience. With the appropriate regimen of Rationalization and duration of ‘treatment therapy’, the conscience becomes fairly easy to appease and manipulate. Justification synthesized through selective rationalization brings about approval from the Conscience. This is the how tyrants successfully pull off some really far out radical shit on the masses: e.g., Dehumanize and segregate your target population, and genocide becomes an honorable mission.

But Truth, when diluted and so disguised, cannot pass off rationalized as “half Truth” because “Truth” is pure and “half-Truth” is contaminated with Lie.

Reaching beyond, we hope by placing in public view the overwhelming magnitude of un-repressed corruption within our nation’s Police and Court industries, Blogs such as this should really not be interpreted as symbolizing the proverbial “slap to the face” of the ravenous, indiscriminate, parasitic termites, but as a reverberating Wake-up-Call to realize shame, integrity, and other lost noble values; and some day soon, slacken the treasonous grip on our Nation’s groin.

“Radical statement”? Mmmm … Maybe. But history shows that “constructive” criticism thru’ euphemisms, conservatism, discretion, civility, etc. hasn’t had any noticeable reformative effect on “under-the-table” Police protocol or on the Police image.  So, call this TOUGH LOVE through cynicism! But, Love, nevertheless; for if there was none, who in his right mind would care to devote time, effort, resources unselfishly; risk his family’s wellbeing, and embark on an uncertain venture rallying support to reestablish National integrity? … And not bother running for Office!

Mont Blanc Mujaheddin - 2

Nevertheless, if we’ve covered a fair distance delivering this Wake-up Call, we will have realized a significant achievement. And if the road ahead leads only as far as the barbed enclosure of castigation: SO BE IT! There’s dignity in dying on your feet for a worthwhile cause rather than livingon your knees before worthless maggots.


Searching For Integrity and Fundamental Values

ON THE OTHER HAND, this writing might even motivate some to consider being recruited, after all “If you can’t beat ‘em, JOIN ‘EM!” What the Heck! Let’s be practical for a moment here, Folks: Where else can sleazebags make easier sleazier money than thru’ auspices of THE IPS – under color of the Law! Kno’wum’sayin’?

During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act ….


……..And shortly thereafter, one is rudely awakened to reality by the words of Kabir, the 15th century Indian Sufi poet and philosopher: Saints, I see the world is mad. If I tell the truth, they rush to beat me, …  If I lie, they trust me.” Remember Dante, Voltaire, Cervantes, Swift and other historical ‘Greats’ who, at some point in time, wrote Truth in jail, in exile, in the loony bin, at the foot of the gallows? They also expected to gain approval for telling the truth! And lost their head instead!

Hmmm … Makes one want to think really hard while there’s still a head on this shoulder …

P.S. Here’s an excerpt of some confidential advise for IPS aspirants: “…. the list of subjects is exhaustive. These skills are usually acquired by those from gutter backgrounds, but are polished in Police Academies. Remember: Practice these skills throughout the day and dream of them at night. Pretty quick, it’ll all come naturally. Your studying Taxation is a very good start. Once you learn how to juggle figures, it’ll be a snap to juggle police reports and innocent lives. Besides, your Pideon English and absence of any real writing skill would put you shoulder-to-shoulder with most IPS clowns ….”.

More from: http://ipc498a.wordpress.com/2007/05/20/281/#comment-7021

© Copyright 2010 – Carlisle Collins – All Rights Reserved


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