The “Torquemadas”: Corruption Incarnate! (WARNING: GRAPHIC CONTENT)

DEmystifying Torquemada:Laying the mystery to rest (– which means the same damn thing!).

Some describe Tomás de Torquemada, the Spanish “Grand Inquisitor”, as hero on an honorable mission of genocide; many see him as villain-butcher of a defenseless population. Fact remains, there were many Torquemadas throughout history; they simply change their attire, hair style, philosophy, political affiliation, brand of laxative, and nationality to suit the times. Yup! “You can’t keep a good man down, but it’s fun trying“! One unifying characteristic remains unaffected among them: a sanguinary inclination to bring about compliance – a privilege intrinsic to autocratic governance. This is Corruption Incarnate!

But what was the true personality of Torquemada, REALLY? What arose beckoning menacingly from within the hallowed confines of that sanctimonious tunic? What does his mommy have to say about him? Any truth to rumors about him being “Daddy’s Little Pet” with an insatiable mother fetish? Do all “Torquemada’s” throughout bloody history share a common thread? Read on …

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Now! Now! People! Let’s not get carried away with passing judgment in haste, lest we too become as they (the Inquisitors) once were. Mud-slinging and name calling each other doesn’t make anyone right. It prevents us from being impartial and fair-minded; it blinds us from recognizing the truth, which might be gettin’ sodomized right in front of us!

Having said that, let’s consider OBJECTIVELY this person of great historical importance: Tomás de Torquemada, the Grand Inquisitor (1483-1498). It seems, at the time, the old adage “Set a thief to catch a thief” stood modified somewhat by Papal/Royal decree to read “Set a Jew to catch a Jew”. We all know he was a Closet Jew, as was Adolph Hitler – of direct Jewish blood lineage (“converse” in Spanish). We know he professed Catholicism and was an anointed instrument of “The Holy Office”, as was Hitler. We know he embarked on the noble venture of ensuring “pure blood” (“sangre limpia” in Spanish) in his polluted country, as did Hitler. Ethnic cleansing through genocide? So freakin’ what! It was the most expeditious administrative option available to him.

But let’s look at the plus side: the countless penitent souls saved from Hell Fire by the bonfire, not to mention the immense contribution to the Papal, National, and of course, Tommy’s very own personal coffers by the deceased. (They wouldn’t need money where they were going!).

What else do we know about this revered icon of Christendom, the architect of the phrase, “Well done, or extra crispy?”

Much of his private life is jealously guarded. One wonders “WHY”? So let’s embark on our own investigation. Let’s look up “TORQUEMADA” on the Cabalistic Calculator (free download): “Election, Honors, Stature, Without moral of physical value”. Now let’s check out “TOMAS”: Lack of resolution, Passion, Ambition, Love of science, Ardor”. “Tomás de Torquemada”: Empire, Glory, Exile, Sadness, Austerity”.

This pretty much sums it up: What we have here is a pseudo-theocentric autocrat: an ambitious, immoral potentate; a manic-depressive flake with a passion for worldly gains. “Love of Science?” You bet! This fruitcake perfected the science of physical torture WITH NO BLOODSHED (in conformance with Papal decree). Historical records show he led a reclusive, austere lifestyle of extreme self-discipline, extreme self-denial, and extreme self-punishment; certainly traits of a self-righteous, secretive sado-masochist. His nationalistic accomplishments as Grand Inquisitor betray this proclivity as well.

But, again, let’s “give the devil his due” (pardon the cliché) and check out one last infallible source of information. After all, who knew him better than anyone else? HIS MOTHER: The blessed woman who gave Tommy his life and his name! So, again, let’s examine the name “TORQUEMADA” from a different perspective:” Torque” or its variant “Torc” (pronounced “tork”) comes from the Latin “torquēre”, to twist”, like screwing. “Mata” is Spanish for “bush”, eg., “mata del pelo” = “bushy hair”. Now “madre” is Spansh for “MOTHER”, and “tomas” or “toma” is a Spanish feminine noun meaning, “TO TAKE”, “TO SEIZE”, “TO CAPTURE”. By combining these related components we make a startling discovery: a secret message form his very own mother describing him as the “seizer and screw’er of her bush”! In modern lingo, A MODDERFUDGER! Actually, a TWISTED MODDERFUDGER! Heck! I’m not gonna argue with the lady! Mama knows best!

No wonder, in his last years, he was discovered to be inseparable with that “unicorn’s horn”, the horny sado-masochistic faggot. “To ward off evil”, he claimed! Hah! But we know better, don’t we, Tommy! You sicko horndog, You! They must have been short on their inventory of Jewish choir boys. Mercy!

Q.E.D. I rest my case.

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Uncle Sam\'s HeadhuntersMI5 Britain’s domestic secret service has been accused of “outsourcing” the torture of British citizens to the Pakistani Inter-Services Intelligence agency. The “clinical” phase of the US government’s “Extraordinary Rendition Program” (i.e., kidnapping of targeted suspects,transportation to an “interrogation facility”, and controlled extraction of information) occurs in a “contracted nation”, e.g., Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Iraq … just so National Security interests could continue unabated under the cloak of civility and respectability. One doesn’t really have to wander that far away to get an inkling of human depravity. Just check our very own back yard, the local Police Stations!

Sometimes it may be best to shut off the mind to the darker side of human nature and the most extreme limits of evil we’re capable of: ALL OF US – NO EXCEPTIONS! This way, by shielding our eyes and other senses from such evil manifested from within us, we might successfully trick ourselves into believing otherwise; thus preserving some measure of innocence, “inner balance” and borderline sanity; even a feeble, feigned belief that “We’re above all that!”.

But if we were to “bury our head in sand” and distance ourselves from this grim realization, there would be no one who’d respond to those muffled, helpless screams of the victims, pitiful screams occurring at this very moment somewhere. What if the tables turned and it was YOU or your loved ones on your captors’ chopping block? It’s been known to happen …

As uncanny as it sounds, human history seems to be one long, drawn out, protracted Snuff drama composed of numerous horrid episodesseparated by ‘cliff hangers’, and that depict identical scenes played upon different stages by different actors on differing themes.

Jolt your conscience with a doze of this torture video, a legacy of Saddam Hussain’s regime. It’ll make the US atrocities at Abu Gharib and GuatanamaBay look like a slumber party for adolescent girls. PLEASE BE WARNED: This is extremely graphic: Corruption gone haywire; at it’s very worst! [,filter.all/event_detail.asp].

We hope this video will shock you into taking immediate, aggressive, decisive action. Check out other sites also on the web that lay bare documentation on the sordid portion of our history, e.g., But merely knowing something’s very wrong won’t change or stop it! It will take some element of effort from you.

YOU MATTER! Every solitary voice has a sound; so does every silence! WE NEED YOUR VOICE:




Check with the folks at Amnesty International:

1 Easton Street

Telephone: +44-20-74135500

Fax number: +44-20-79561157


UN High Commissioner for Human Rights


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52 rue des Pâquis
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Telephone: +41 22 917 90 00




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Fax Nos. 91-11-23384863 (Administration); 91-11-23386521 (Law Division); 91-11-23073876 (Investigation)


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