Copyright Law & Cartoon Parodies

INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY RIGHT LAWS are complex! (“OK. So what else is new?Duh!). Any measure of success requires years of study in Law School and many long hours of intense group research through networking on the golf course and stag bars: a very demanding undertaking, not for the squeamish!! Therefore, anyone attempting to summarize its relevance to this Blog – in a few paragraphs – is undoubtedly a jenous geenieus jeanious genius!

SO PLEASE BE ADVISED: This Blog uses Editorial Cartoons and Cartoon Parodies in a strictly non-commercial, editorial context, which are generally considered “a fair use” under Intellectual Property (copyright) Laws. Cartoons may be defamatory if the cartoonist has intentionally portrayed a false fact about a person or event. Criticisms of public officials falls under the protected Right to Freedom of Expression, even when they are portrayed in an unflattering light. The exception would be only if the statement was false and was made with actual malice.

We thought we’d make this clear before someone runs off crying to an ambulance chaser or a Hit Man. Or worse: Misuses his official position and does a number on us just because his feelings were hurt!


One Response to Copyright Law & Cartoon Parodies

  1. […] If you happen to be a ‘Public Figure’ whose image has been (most likely) appropriated from the public domain, please become familiar with the law on Fair Use Policy – parodies – ‘’not for commercial profit’’, etc. – and try to generate a sense of humor for crying out loud, unless you’re REALLY pissed off. In which case, get a hold of the media people who first published your purportedly objectionable matter. Also, check out our page about Copyright Law & Cartoon Parodies. […]

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