Weasel Disclaimer!



Having unwittingly stumbled in, a few “web surfers” may consider some stuff here unacceptable, objectionable, unpalatable, indigestible, un-‘excreteable’- hopefully, even scandalous! Rest assured, you are not alone! SO DO NOT BE UNDULY ALARMED! Do not seek psychiatric help! You are quite normal! Quite often, we also find ourselves blushing in embarrassment at the material we produce, and end up confiding in the voices in our head (After all, who else can you truly trust, eh? Besides, being schizophrenic, one never really feels lonely…. or bored).

For those easily offended and quick to judge cynicism as representative of poor taste, you’re probably right; But, we suggest you skip along and proceed elsewhere to areas of “political correctness” lest we be judged harshly, and you, righteously begrudged!

It is not our intent to malign or maliciously defame any particular person or any particular gender, orientation, institution, or celestial life form vainly (nor in vain!) even though, admittedly, that could qualify as a more purposeful option for suicide. We’re just doing our humble share to deplete our National misinformation resources. Consequently, material on this site (contributed or otherwise) consists of 100% plagiarized, recycled, counterfeit, digitally converted binary digits, but which does not necessarily reflect official site policy. This site mirrors a collection of differing personal opinions, observations expressed in good faith and poor humor pursuant to a Protected Right , and based upon material existing in or synthesized from the various media including the Internet and other sources of information. Participation is voluntary and at your sole risk.

There are some House Rules though, dictated by some commonly accepted standards defining respect and decency, and statutes governing Freedom of Expression. You know … the kind’a stuff our Police are not really bound by!

If you wish to share details of any event that aggrieved you and/or wish to associate specific individuals to specific events or demeanor unbecoming of their status/position, please research the source of your information beforehand and provide us with the Link. As a matter of fact, WE WELCOME YOUR CONTRIBUTIONS OF INDIAN COP-RELATED SMUT if they’re accompanied by a working LINK to the originating source, or even an E-copy of appropriate sections in the FIR. This, just so there’s something to cover our gorgeous derriere with in case Mr. Libel and Miss Defamation come a’knockin’. Besides, you really don’t want this Blog to resemble the usual bitch session one overhears during a corporate meeting of The Disgruntled Soon-to-be-Ex-Wife Club, now do you?

But as far as setting site standards or “credibility rating” for material herein, Get Real, Dude! Only fourth-graders would believe everything they read – MAYBE!

PLEASE BE AWARE: This Blog uses Editorial Cartoons and Cartoon Parodies In a strictly non-commercial, editorial context, which are generally considered “fair use” under Intellectual Property (copyright) Laws. Cartoons may be defamatory if the cartoonist has intentionally portrayed a false fact about a person or event. Criticisms of public officials falls under the protected Right to Freedom of Expression even when they are portrayed in an unflattering light.,e.g., if a public entity/person voluntarily thrusts himself into controversy or voluntarily invites or raises a controversy.  The exception would be only if the statement was false and was made with actual malice.

Nevertheless, the writer disclaims all liabilities, legal or otherwise, that may arise for any reason whatsoever ‘cos some Type-A personalities are too damn constipated to have a sense of humor. But being involuntarily the product of a Two-Face bureaucracy, please be informed that all material on this site is copyright (especially stuff that has a potential to generate a buck ‘cos I sure as heck could use some right about now).

You’re welcome to link to this site if it blows your skirt up. Additionally, if you discover any material here that you believe may be copyright, please provide us with Ownership Proof (or where it is available) so we can take some action; maybe even guzzle down a 6-pac over a bong and a Skynnard CD.

But if you continue seeing the same material over and over on our site, DON’T HAVE A COW, DUDE! Just chill out or keep surfin’ unless you happen to own the copyright; in which case, s’il vous plaît, pardonne les hard’on. We will parlez! Oui! Oui! (That’s just a fancy way of affectionately saying, “Sorry … We’ll talk”).

Hmmm … can’t think of any more depressing, seam-splitting legal stuff right at the moment. That don’t mean it’s not there .. it’s probably just lurking in the shadows … The insidious lil’ Byatch … lying in wait, patiently … ready to pounce! Like my ex-wife … resolute on Mission Castration!

Anyway, this here’s our lil’ Blog, Folks. Feel free to participate, and may the Supreme Blogger in the Sky keep the cops and lawyers off our back!



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